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  • B-Side
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    Subsites Module Configuration Problem Link to this post

    Hi there

    I've got a site hosting at an ISP that's set up to serve Virtual Hosting. I've have installed and configured Subsites to run, along with genericdataadmin. I'm using Silverstripe 2.3.3.

    I've rebuilt the database and had no trouble seeing the subsites link and adding my new sub-site and pages. The tables were created, all looks well.

    However when the ISP set up the redirect for the subsite to redirect to the main site, when I attempt to go to the subdomain it's redirecting to http://mysite.com/?url=/ and just loading the main site homepage.

    I'm unsure as to what to ask the hosts to do next to check if it's their configuration or something I need to do. Any ideas?

    Many thanks,


  • ulysses
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    Re: Subsites Module Configuration Problem Link to this post

    Hi Jayne,

    How did you get the subsite module working?

    I have tried installing subsites with the genericdataadmin module. when I try to access the site or run /db/build or /dev/build I get database errors regarding missing table for the sub-site.

    Running the DEV mode, I see the error...

    [User Error] Couldn't run query: SELECT `Subsite`.*, `Subsite`.ID, if(`Subsite`.ClassName,`Subsite`.ClassName,'Subsite') AS RecordClassName FROM `Subsite` WHERE (`Subdomain` = 'kidsmusiccompany' AND `IsPublic` = 1) ORDER BY "Title" LIMIT 1 Table 'kidsmc_ss233.Subsite' doesn't exist
    GET /

    Line 401 in /home/kidsmc/domains/kidsmusiccompany.com/public_html/sapphire/core/model/MySQLDatabase.php
    .........etc. etc.

    SS 2.3.3
    subsites trunk modules_subsites_trunk-r99005.zip

  • B-Side
    Community Member
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    Re: Subsites Module Configuration Problem Link to this post

    Hi Ulysses - I didn't experience that problem, however the problems I had with configuration of Subsites were resolved by following this thread:

    Good luck! Y

  • patjnr
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    Re: Subsites Module Configuration Problem Link to this post


    Good for you you got it working.
    if you don't mind can you paste a copy of you "configurations" and that will go a long way in helping me.

    My back-end is fine i can create as many sub-site by can seem to get the front-end to work.
    probably its because of 'DNS' settings but i have tried a couple of changes and its not working.



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