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  • Hello_electro
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    Mollom (Audio Feature) problems Link to this post

    I have noticed that on Molloms website their audio assist feature is very different from how the one downloaded from SS works. It seems theirs is cross browser functional.

    The current SS module sees to have issues with working effectively on all browsers. I also had a client tell me his is autoplying. I think this is an issue with either him having an old version of a browser or some weird setting. Not sure though.

    Has anyone else experienced these types of issues? Any solutions?

  • martimiz
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    Re: Mollom (Audio Feature) problems Link to this post

    Hi Hello-electro

    The mollom site uses Drupal for it's CMS. I don't 'know' Drupal, but I did download the module to have a look. The Drupal Mollom implementation looks to be totally different from SilverStripe's, in that it doen't even seem to use the official mollom.php library, as SilverStripe does. The library uses a simple <object type="audio/mpeg" ... > tag, where Drupal uses a flash player, jQuery and Ajax.

    For me, I usually disable the audio captcha, just for the time being...

  • Hello_electro
    Community Member
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    Re: Mollom (Audio Feature) problems Link to this post

    Yeah, that is exactly what I did! It's a bummer that Mollom isn't cross browser compatible via SS. I found an interesting article about Re-Captcha customization that I will post in a bit. I have stayed away from that system because i wasnt sure how to change the styling of the module outside of color scheme. The article is pretty good at showing you how to do basically anything you want with the module including width which was the biggest issue.

    Thank, Martimiz.

  • Thomashv
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    Re: Mollom (Audio Feature) problems Link to this post

    Hi guys!

    I see that these posts are quite old, but I try my luck and throw in a question in this thread. I have set up the SpamProtector 0.4 and Mollom 0.3 on a customers site. I recommended them to upgrade to SS 3.1.6, but they are not ready for that until after new year. So to get rid of the spam they get in their mailbox I am doomed to set this up with old versions of everything.

    I've got it working, but the voice when loading their contact page is quite annoying. There are not any buttons for hearing the sound one more time either. (Not any button for switching the re-captcha in firefox, safari, and chrome on OS X either, but I believe we'll have to live with that). So when it comes to all I see no meaning about bother the users with the voice.

    So my question is. How did you turn it of?


    Found out that I just could comment out a couple of lines in the mollom/code/MollomField.php

    if($this->showCaptcha() ) {
             $mollom_session_id = Session::get("mollom_session_id");
             $imageCaptcha = MollomServer::getImageCaptcha($mollom_session_id);
             // $audioCaptcha = MollomServer::getAudioCaptcha($mollom_session_id);
             Session::set("mollom_session_id", $imageCaptcha['session_id']);
             $captchaHtml = '<div class="mollom-captcha">';
             $captchaHtml .= '<span class="mollom-image-captcha">' . $imageCaptcha['html'] . '</span>';
             // $captchaHtml .= '<span class="mollom-audio-captcha">' . $audioCaptcha['html'] . '</span>';
             $captchaHtml .= '</div>';
             return $html . $captchaHtml;

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