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  • Martijn
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    [Solved] Subsites saves or load wrong SiteConfig Link to this post

    Hi all,

    I use:

    Silverstripe version : 2.4.1
    Subsites version : trunk r110723

    I have set up the subsites module as follows:

    Subsite 1 : test.domain.nl - primary domain - Default site - nl_NL
    Subsite 2 : test.domain.com - en_US

    I have the same pagestructure for each subsite and all have a SubsiteID 1 or 2 (all MasterPageID's are 0).
    This works as expected in the CMS and frontend. No strange things or errors at all.

    When I change the active Subsite in the CMS, the wrong SiteConfig gets loaded and/or saved. This seems to happen randomly at the following events:

    Change the current Subsite from the dropdown.
    Save the SiteConfig.
    Hitting F5 to reload.
    Loading a page from the SiteTree menu and return to SiteConfig (this sometimes also make the correct SiteConfig loading, when the wrong was displayed after a F5 or subsite switch).

    In the CMS I only work at the .nl domain and both SiteConfigs have a SubsiteID.

    How to solve this ?

  • Martijn
    Community Member
    271 Posts
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