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  • Martiman
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    UserForms: sending custom messages incl. variables Link to this post


    We're searching for a method to send custom messages after filling in a form, using the fields of the form in the message (for example, tell-a-friend messages).

    Currently there seems to be no way of doing this with UserForms. It is possible to make a custom message in the tab "Email Recipients", but there is no way to use the information from the form itself. I would like to see some way to use the fields in messages like this:

    "Dear $NameTo,
    foo foo foo
    $NameFrom ($EmailFrom)"

    It would be nice to get a checkbox too where you can define whether or not you want to get the whole form content glued beneath the body.

    Will it be possible to implement such a function in one of the next releases? Are there some other ideas to get this functionality until the UserForms module supports this?


  • novaweb
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    Re: UserForms: sending custom messages incl. variables Link to this post

    Hi Martiman,

    This is easy to do if you code the form yourself.

    Basically - create a new page type for your form:


    and in MyFormPage_Controller() {

    you should define a form function:

    function Form() {

    Go here for details on the form function


    In your submit function, all your form variables will be available to send in the email in the following way:

    $data["Email"] etc

    So in the form function you could do something like the following:

       function submit($data, $form) {
       $email = new Email;
       $email->to = 'you@you.com';
       $email->from = 'referral@mywebsite.com';
       $email->subject = 'New Referral';
       $email->body = "Hi,<br /><br />There has been a blah blah blah from " . $data['FirstName'] . " " . $data['LastName'] . " through the website!";

       // Redirect



    // This code may not be perfect I had to cut a lot of sensitive data out!!!


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