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  • Nipun
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    Sql Server in Silverstripe Link to this post


    I have my website in Silverstripe and its database is in MySql.

    Now i want to migrate MySql to Sql Server 2008

    I am aware of module in silverstripe.

    My query is :-

    1. What instructions should i keep in mind while doing it
    2. I have queries in Mysql how will that be effected.
    3. What any possible issues i can face?


  • ChubChub
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    Re: Sql Server in Silverstripe Link to this post

    Nipun - did you make the move from MySql to Sql Server? I started with version 2.3x and now running 2.4x and the company here wants to migrate to SqlServer2008. I like the idea that the db is running on mysql, but this is a Microsoft shop. I was hoping that more people were doing this - and more people would comment.

    If you have done this - could you reply and let me (and others) know how the experience went?


  • apiening
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    Re: Sql Server in Silverstripe Link to this post

    Hey guys,

    DbPlumber has a new feature to copy data across different SilverStripe installations which are using different different adapters. Unfortunately this works for all combinations of adapters in both directions but not to SQL Server. This is due to autogenerate constraines in the identity columns of some tables. SQL Server refuses to set identity values. You could use it anyway but you'd need to tweak the db dump before using it:

    1. make sure both installs have the same code and you don't have obsolete columns in your MSSQL db, run dev/build in both

    2. run the following query to determin identity columns in your MSSQL DbPlumber to determin autogenerate constained columns

       TABLE_NAME + '.' + COLUMN_NAME,
       TABLE_SCHEMA = 'dbo' AND
       COLUMNPROPERTY(object_id(TABLE_NAME), COLUMN_NAME, 'IsIdentity') = 1

    3. export your MySQL data in MySQL dialect

    4. open the uncompressed file in the editor of your choice

    5. remove MySQL specific SET sql_mode = 'ANSI'; from the beginning of the dump

    INFO: the dump contains a block of SQL commands for every table consisting of a DELETE per table and a INSERT per record

    6. add a

    SET IDENTITY_INSERT "insert_table_name_here" ON;

    before the block for every constrained table

    7. add a

    SET IDENTITY_INSERT "insert_table_name_here" OFF;

    after the block for every constrained table

    8. your dump is now prepared for import, use DbPlumber to import dump


    Good luck


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