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  • mark_s
    Community Member
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    Sphinx 0.2 Release Link to this post


    I'm happy to announce the 0.2 release of the sphinx module, which lets you use the powerful search engine sphinx in a SilverStripe site.

    Notable features of this release include:

    * XML pipes connection mode, which provides greater flexibility in how indexable content is provided to the indexer. In particular, the module provides an easy way to index PDF and HTML content in assets, and which is extensible for other file types.
    * Better options for controlling search fields and attributes
    * Better control over injection of sphinx options into the configuration file.
    * support for PostGreSQL, MSSQL (preliminary) as well as MySQL, in both SQL and XML pipes mode. Also support for SQLLite via XML pipes.
    * a self-diagnosis controller to assist problem solving with installation and configuration issues.
    * will automatically use the messagequeue module if present, to offload delta-reindexing from the user transaction, reducing visible overhead to CMS users.
    * bug fixes
    * better documentation
    * unit tests

    You can get it here

    Feedback is welcome!


  • justinv
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    Re: Sphinx 0.2 Release Link to this post

    Great, I might give it a try.

    Have you got any examples of sites that use it?

  • elgordo
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    Re: Sphinx 0.2 Release Link to this post

    hi Justinv

    Old thread but I thought I'd provide an example


    I'm using sphinx successfully on Dreamhost and it seems to sit under the radar of their process killer. Around 40,000 pics are indexed plus some articles, so it not a small index



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