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  • Nessus
    Community Member
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    (solved) "UserForms" Module - install quuestion Link to this post


    trying to get familiar with siverstripe I tried to add my first module..... and failed.

    Here is what i did:

    My system: ss 2.4.1 on my lokal Suse 11.2 apache, mysql, php5 server.

    I downloaded the latest version of the User Forms Module from this site (v0.3.0) and opened the install instructions.

    Installation Instructions
    - Download the module from the link above.
    - Extract the file (if you're on windows try 7-zip for extracting tar.gz files)
    - Make sure the folder after being extracted is named 'userforms' (not userforms-r93130 for example)
    - Place this directory in your sites root directory. (The root is the one with sapphire/cms in it)
    - Run in your browser - http://www.yoursite.com/dev/build to rebuild the database.
    - You should see a new PageType in the CMS 'User Defined Form'. This has a new 'Form' tab which has your form builder.

    The module is now located at: /srv/www/htdocs/silverstripe_test/userforms This translates to http://localhost/silverstripe_test/userforms/ on my machine.
    And yes, silverstripe_test is my root directory ;-)

    When I follow the install instructions and call up http://localhost/silverstripe_test/dev/build I get

    Objekt nicht gefunden! Which translates to object not found (404 error)

    Well, thats not really surprising, as in /srv/www/htdocs/silverstripe_test/ there are no such folders as /dev/build

    What am I missing.... otherwise silverstripe runs fine.... any ideas anyone?


  • Willr
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    Re: (solved) "UserForms" Module - install quuestion Link to this post

    /dev/build is a SilverStripe action to rebuild the database. It does not point to any file or folder so you won't find it on the filesystem.

    Have you tried running dev/build before while using your site i.e before you added the module? If you have mod_rewrite disabled then that could be one reason its throwing a 404. Instead then the dev/build functions will be available at the url http://localhost/silverstripe_test/index.php/dev/build.

  • Nessus
    Community Member
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    Re: (solved) "UserForms" Module - install quuestion Link to this post

    Ahhhh.. yes, mod_rewrite wasn't enabled. Using http://localhost/silverstripe_test/index.php/dev/build solved the problem.

    Cheers again.

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