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  • KS
    Community Member
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    Workflow Install error Link to this post

    I installed legacydatetimefields. I placed CMS Workflow-v1.0-rc4 in the root directory. Put the two-step decorators in the mysite\_config.php when I run the dev/build?flush=all I see (in green) where it builds tables etc.. I see(in blue) where the fieldmember.classname gets changed.

    Then I run into a big USER NOTICE

    [User Notice] Group::addToGroupByName is deprecated. Please use $member->addToGroupByCode($groupcode)


    177       }
    179       return $labels;
    180    }
    182    /**
    183     * @deprecated 2.5
    184     */
    185    public static function addToGroupByName($member, $groupcode) {
    186       user_error('Group::addToGroupByName is deprecated. Please use $member->addToGroupByCode($groupcode)', E_USER_NOTICE);
    188       return $member->addToGroupByCode($groupcode);
    189    }
    191    /**
    192     * Overloaded getter.

    I can rebuild without cmsworkflow and get it working again but a reinstall does not show the same errors yet I can not edit the pages in the cms after that.

    Any Ideas?

    Thank you,


  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Workflow Install error Link to this post

    Its simply a user error. Try the latest trunk release of cmsworkflow to see if its been fixed already. If it hasn't then please raise this as a bug on open.silverstripe.org. It's a simply matter of changing Group::addToGroupByName($member, 'foo'); to $member->addToGroupByCode('foo');

  • KS
    Community Member
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    Re: Workflow Install error Link to this post

    I started from scratch and found that it was me that was the problem. I didn't follow the instructions on the cms-workflow readme. I only put the two step decorators in the _config.php. Do that and the whole thing will be corrupt. You have to do all of the decorators.


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