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  • voodoochile
    Community Member
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    Google Analytics Module Link to this post

    hi all
    i have installed the latest trunk of the google analytics module to a site running on 2.4.3 follwed the read me etc mostly worked not sure if i have missed something?
    the google analytics report show up under reprts tab but thats about it? see the screenshot there it seems like a part is not being loaded or something.

    any help would be appereciated, thank you.

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  • greenpea
    Community Member
    19 Posts

    Re: Google Analytics Module Link to this post

    I've added the module and run dev/build?flush=1. I can't see the module in Site Reports (i'm running 2.4)

  • apiening
    Community Member
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    Re: Google Analytics Module Link to this post

    hi guys,

    what instructions did you follow? The only valid instructions are the ones that come with the module in docs/README.md. have you activated the logger and the analyzer?


    can you check the firebug js console for errors?



  • speedengineer
    Community Member
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    Re: Google Analytics Module Link to this post

    I had been having some trouble getting GA to work in the reports section. It would show up on the left menu, but when I clicked it, it would simply say "loading" and never display anything else.

    It's working now though - I had made the simple mistake of leaving the version number in the name of the folder of the module when installing it. It must be named "googleanalytics" exactly, or else it didn't work. Hopefully this tip will help someone else.

    I will say though, you're much better off logging into your actual google account to view statistics as all that is shown in silverstripe is page views and page visits...

  • ocean
    Community Member
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    Re: Google Analytics Module Link to this post

    Seems to install ok, on SS 2.45, used these instructions https://github.com/silverstripe-labs/silverstripe-googleanalytics, config method and populated fields with GA credentials etc, which I've checked a few times, also run dev/build and flushed ...

    There is an error in the CMS, when I click "show visits/page" I get a pop up which simply states "the page at www.xyz says: error", no real actionable feedback.

    Inspecting the page a bit I see the ga.js file is in there, though not really sure how to proceed further in finding and correcting whatever the fault is, and also how to tell for sure everything is hooked up correctly with this mod.

    Any ideas?

    ~ Sean

    P.S. In GA account for this site I get this status: tracking not installed

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