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    Multi site Problems. Selecting multisite in drop down & virtual page screen Link to this post


    I'm trying to get multi site working. I made some progress using the version on git hub, following the instructions and now I have a main site and two "subsites" displaying as websites.

    The Problems are with the administration.

    1. There is a select box in the main menu (top right) with my three sites (main, science and consumer) in it. Changing the selection makes no difference. Obviously there should be a onchange event happening, but there isn't even a JS error. Just nothing happening when you change the selection - and no "go" button. The work around is to go to the admin area using the url of each subsite - but thats just a work around.

    2. When creating a virtual subsite page, so hopefully inheriting content from the main site - there is a select box to change which site you want to choose the parent content from - this should populate the next select box with the tree of the selected site i guess - except it dosn't change the selection - the "Choose a page to link to" boxshows the current sites content - which is obviously useless. Again, no error or js error.

    Does anyone have patches to fix these problems? Should i raise these as bugs?

    I'm using SS 2.4.5and the download linked on the readme on github as the latest, and thing to use.

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