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  • t00thy
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    Event Calendar - Literal vs. Label Field Link to this post


    I have problem with Czech diacritics (ěščřžýáíé).

    In CalendarEvent.php i have

    164   new LiteralField('wrapper2','<div id="Form_EditForm_DailyInterval_Wrapper">'),
    165      new FieldGroup(
    166         new LabelField($name = "every1", $title = _t("CalendarEvent.EVERY","Every ")),
    167         new DropdownField('DailyInterval', '', self::map_interval()),
    168         new LabelField($name = "days",$title = _t("CalendarEvent.DAYS"," day(s)"))
    169      ),

    The czech translation of Every is "Každý".

    When I have LabelField on line 166, I have in CMS "Každý"
    When I change it to LiteralField, I have normal "Každý".

    I set language for all website to cs_CZ translation and I have not any problem i whole site. Only in LabelField.

    Have anybody some idea what can do that?

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