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  • redactuk
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    Re: LiveCalendarWidget Help Link to this post

    What would be far better is if Events were displayed in the same UI as Announcement are now.
    Sadly I don't think my skills are up to re-writing EventCalendar to do this, so I may well have to migrate this site to another CMS with another calendar system

  • UncleCheese
    4085 Posts

    Re: LiveCalendarWidget Help Link to this post

    Well you guys are speaking to a pretty significant problem with SilverStripe. The SiteTree paradigm only holds up for so long, and it doesn't scale well -- especially with densely populated content areas like calendars and blogs. This will be resolved in SS3's treatment of page content, where tree view is optional (although it should be junked all together, in my opinion).

    I recommend you take a look at my blog post on "Remodeling ModelAdmin" which allows you to manage page content in ModelAdmin. This is the solution I use for all my clients who have so many events that the SiteTree is unusable.

    This isn't a perfect solution, but at least it gets you out of SiteTree agony!


    Silverstripe tips, tutorials, screencasts, and more. http://www.leftandmain.com

  • mierla
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    Re: LiveCalendarWidget Help Link to this post

    Thanks, Uncle Cheese. I implemented your remodeled admin (thank you!) on a different project, but it never occurred to me to use it for calendar objects.

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