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  • midoriberlin
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    GenericViews - Extend CollectionController Link to this post

    Hello all,

    I'm using GenericViews for basic CRUD on two datatypes - Book and Chapter. What I want to have are custom functions for the various actions on each datatype e.g. add, edit, view etc.

    I can handle the display part of it by creating .ss files such as Book_view.ss and so on. That bit works fine. What I can't seem to do is override CollectionController.

    Initially tried adding a controller class in Chapter.php but that is extending Dataobject and doesn't seem to do anything. Also tried creating a separate file called ChapterController and trying from there but that also doesn't seem to be working.

    I think I could probably distinguish between the datatypes I want in the add() and addForm() functions in CollectionController itself but that doesn't seem like the smart way to do it at all.

    Anyone else had a similar problem or have any advice?

    Any help very much appreciated.



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