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  • kindlemanwill
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    Subsites error when working with assets Link to this post


    I'm getting a JS error "Cannot call method 'reapplyIfNeeded' of null" when switching from one subsite to anouther using the selector in the admin area. Once switching, draging files to folders dosn't work. Refreshing the page each time makes it work, so thats a work around, but not acceptable for clients.

    Has anybody seen this error before? Any fixes?

    I'm also getting a lot of "Refused to set unsafe header "Connection"" errors whilst working in the admin area. Not sure if these are contributing to bugs or not



  • kindlemanwill
    Community Member
    68 Posts

    Re: Subsites error when working with assets Link to this post

    hmm, to get rid of the connection I deleted all the ?>#whitespace# in assorted plugins (eg the blog) and silverstripe core. as per some comments on here. That didn't do it but i found a line in the core js that was causing an error (or rather commenting it out fixed it

    Anyway, i also found that the reapplyifneeded thing was being applied to sitetrefilter list which isn't on the asset page. so that was throwing an error and messing up the drag drop.

    submitted this patch:


    The drag drop now works after switching subsite but the helpfull yellow highlight showing the folder you are trying to drag to is targeted dosn't show. still. closer to being ok.

    hth somebody

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