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  • MrPete
    Community Member
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    silverstripe-linkmapping Link to this post

    This may be something obvious but I've searched through the forum and google and can't find a solution.

    I have installed Silverstripe as a replacement CMS and have added silverstripe-linkmapping to handle the old links that have been indexed in google. I can access the linkmapping admin page and add the urls to map but it still defaults to the 'page not found'.

    Silverstripe version 2.4.5

    Is there any extra config / setup that needs to be in place for it to work? The htaccess file is the default from the install.


    For reference here is an old link that I am trying to redirect:

    I am trying to map it to here with linkmapping:

    I have tried using the following in the 'Mapped Link' field but none of them redirect:

    Thanks in advance.


  • MrPete
    Community Member
    2 Posts

    Re: silverstripe-linkmapping Link to this post

    ..has anyone else had this issue?

    On a related note, if someone comes to the site via an old google listing (old site used index.php/..) then all pages visited after the inital 'page not found' page still have the index.php in the address. Can that be changed?

  • Ku$h
    Community Member
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    Re: silverstripe-linkmapping Link to this post

    Hi MrPete. I'm having exactly the same problem. I've checked the in the database and there is no obvious difference between the ones that work and the ones that don't. I've had the problem here:


    and here


    Each site is running SS version 2.4.5 and 2.4.7

    Please help somebody!

  • Nobrainer Web
    Community Member
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    Re: silverstripe-linkmapping Link to this post

    I don't know the solution to this, but i think the problem is that the link-mapping module, only kicks in when a "page not found" error happens, and since SS also uses index.php behind the pretty URL's - the request never actually goes the the link mapping module controller.

    I wonder if there is someway of combining the code from the linkmapping module and the code from the SS book, regarding Legacy URL's.
    I think the code from SS book is not working with nested URL's but i don't know.

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