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  • DaveTh
    Community Member
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    Eventmanagement module and paypal express Link to this post

    I have installed eventmanagement (Ajshort / silverstripe-eventmanagement) -January 20, 2012 bugfix
    Latest ecommerce and latest payment module.
    The ecommerce paypal express combination work in paypal sandbox.
    The eventmangement paypal express does not work although by cheque payment work. Clearly there is something wrong with paypal express in the eventmenagement in my configuration.


    [User Warning] Already directed to xxxxx/event/details/1/register?MultiFormSessionID=93c63803df93072222ec0ca56eb331ba67ea9786; now trying to direct to xxxxx/event/details/1/register?MultiFormSessionID=93c63803df93072222ec0ca56eb331ba67ea9786
    POST xxxxx/event/details/1/register/RegisterForm?MultiFormSessionID=93c63803df93072222ec0ca56eb331ba67ea9786

    Line 464 in C:\wamp\xxxx\sapphire\core\control\Controller.php

    459     * Redirct to the given URL.
    460     * It is generally recommended to call Director::redirect() rather than calling this function directly.
    461     */
    462    function redirect($url, $code=302) {
    463       if($this->response->getHeader('Location')) {
    464          user_error("Already directed to " . $this->response->getHeader('Location') . "; now trying to direct to $url", E_USER_WARNING); <--------------------------------------------------------------------the main problem area.
    465          return;
    466       }
    468       // Attach site-root to relative links, if they have a slash in them
    469       if($url == "" || $url[0] == '?' || (substr($url,0,4) != "http" && $url[0] != "/" && strpos($url,'/') !== false)){
    470          $url = Director::baseURL() . $url;

    Has anyone managed to get paypal express to work with eventmenagement.
    Thank you.

  • zac
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    Re: Eventmanagement module and paypal express Link to this post

    Hi Dave

    I was having the exact same problem 2 weeks ago. The issue is the Paypal Express checkout does a redirect internally.
    This seems to cause issues with the EventManagement module as it doesn't expect this type of behaviour in the payment step.

    I'm actually a Java developer so PHP isn't really one of my strengths I hoped Ajshort would respond to my email but he hasn't.
    Sorry I can't be of more help. If someone knows how to fix this is would be much appreciated.

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