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  • kokoalberti
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    Positioning of error labels in (user generated) forms Link to this post

    Hi All,
    New to SS here, having a great time trying out all sorts of new stuff! Unfortunately I ran into a little snag on positioning the error labels on my forms. I hate ugly forms, and while the validation of a set of radio buttons works great, the error label (when no option is selected) is positioned directly after the first radio box, and I'd really really like it to be somewhere else like after the group of radio buttons. Situation now with label.required being in a strange place:

    <ul id="Form_Form_EditableRadioField7" class="optionset requiredField">
       <li class="odd valStudent_-_20_EUR">
          <input id="Form_Form_EditableRadioField7_Student20EUR" class="radio required" type="radio" value="Student - 20 EUR" name="EditableRadioField7">
          <label class="required" for="EditableRadioField7" generated="true">Choose a registration</label>
          <label for="Form_Form_EditableRadioField7_Student20EUR">Student - 20 EUR</label>
       <li class="even valStaff_-_30_EUR"> (...) </li>
       <li class="odd valRegular_-_40_EUR"> (...) </li>

    I can't seem to position it properly either with CSS, and I'm not sure where this particular order/label positioning is generated, somewhere within the UGF code, or is it because the jquery form validator just appends it right after the radio input? Or is there some SS code somewhere that tells the jquery form validation to put it there? Any idea what my best bet is for getting around this?

    I've attached a screenshot of the form to show the situation a bit more clearly. Thanks!


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