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  • congii
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    Front-end Password issue on Front-end Member Registration Link to this post

    Hi, on SS 3.0.3 I have a front-end registration form and it seems the password saved using the form is different than the one saved on the database. Thus when a member register, he/she can't login. I have to manually change the password on the CMS.

    Front-end Form Fields

    ,new TextField('Email', 'Email *')
    ,new TextField('JobTitle', 'Job Title *')
    , new ConfirmedPasswordField('Password', 'New Password')

    Form Action

    if($member = DataObject::get_one("Member", "`Email` = '". Convert::raw2sql($data['Email']) . "'"))
    $form->AddErrorMessage('Email', "Sorry, that email address already exists. Please choose another.", 'bad');

    Session::set("FormInfo.StaffManagementPage_StaffManagementPage.data", $data);

    return $this->redirectBack();;         

    $member = new Member();

    if($userGroup = DataObject::get_one('Group', "Code = 'staff'"))
    Group::addToGroupByName($member, 'staff');

    Any idea would be very much appreaciated.


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