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  • Nobrainer Web
    Community Member
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    New Module: Silverstripe Section Module released Link to this post


    Just uploaded a module i have been looking to do for a long time, I'm really excited about the module and the possibillities it brings and i hope that some of you will test it and let me know what you think.

    You will find the module on github: https://github.com/NobrainerWeb/Silverstripe-Section-Module

    The section module gives the option of dividing your page content up in little blocks or sections, that each can have their own template.
    This makes it easy to create very different pages with a default set of templates.
    Use the templates to:
    - create structured and beautiful pages, from a set of templates - much easier for none texhies to make beautiful pages
    - Split page content into blocks/sections (copy, disable/enable, delete or edit the blocks individualy)
    - Add lists of images or files inside your content
    - Create columns of texts (extend the Section Dataobject with another HTMLEditor fields, or float 2 sections)
    - List employees or other custom dataobjects inside your pages
    - and much more

    Easily create your own templates for the managed Section dataobjects, or even extend the Section DO and create your own dataobjects, that has custom fields and templates - simple module, loads of possibilities.

    All is handled by a GridField and works from Silverstripe 3.1.
    The module requires a few other modules, see the readme, but should be very easy to install.

    I'm new to creating modules, and no PHP developer, so the code is ... ehm plain. Please send me feedback, ideas and what else you got.

    Also i'm new to the Github thingy, so if there is something that i need to do differently, please advice :o)

    - Thomas B. Nielsen
    Nobrainer Web

  • Kilv
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    Re: New Module: Silverstripe Section Module released Link to this post

    I got a warning message when I tried to add a template :

    Warning: The folder ../themes//templates/SectionTemplates/ was not found.

    can you help me ? :/

  • Nobrainer Web
    Community Member
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    Re: New Module: Silverstripe Section Module released Link to this post

    Hmm that sounds as if the theme is not set, can you try to set the theme by adding SSViewer::set_theme('your_theme_name'); to mysite/_config.php if it's not allready there.
    Maybe also set in siteconfig in the CMS.

    Remember flush and dev/build.
    Let me know what happens.

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