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    Multisites Assets Issues & Understanding Link to this post

    Hi, I'm trying to understand whats going on with my Assets folder in the root installation. I'm using the multisites module and in the root there is the assets folder which has three folders in it called myexamplesite.com, site-17, and Uploads.

    The reason I am looking into this is becaus I'm trying to find out why my images dont display when using the page editors media uploader. I have discovered that for some reason my site (hosted at myexamplesite.com is uploading the images to a folder called site-17. Why isn't it using the folder that shares its name? Why does it use site-17 and how can I get it to properly reference these.

    UPDATE: I've just deleted myexamplesite.com folder in the assets diretory. I was attemption to create a new site via the admin area in the hopes that a new site would autmaticaly be set up propperly. Instead of creating a folder in Assets called mynewsite.com it created a folder called site-55 (I dont know where it's getting these random numbers from as I have not created that many sites) and again the images do not display, they upload but are for some reason not able to refer to the site-55 directory automaticaly as they should (although when I richt click on the image for properties it does seem to be directed ot the correct folder assets/site-55/Uploads/ourimage.JPG.

    What is going on?

    UPDATE 2: I hack fixed it by simlinking. It works now I just deleted the mydomain.com/assets folder and simlinked it to the root/silverstripe/assets folder
    O' and the site-number naming system was happeing because I wasn't using the site "host" field in the sites admin. once I recreated using mysite.com in the host it started creating mysite.com asset folders.

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