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  • Howard
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    Security users in more than one group? Link to this post

    Hi guys,

    I am doing a site at the moment with a somewhat complicated security requirement. The built in stuff almost covers what I need except that I require the ability of one member to be in multiple groups.

    An example of what is required: Say the site has two sections, Section A and Section B, members of security group 1 can view Section A and members of security group 2 can view Section B. However Joe Bloggs wants to view Section A and B.

    Surprisingly I tried adding an entry with exactly the same name and credentials to both groups 1 and 2 and this worked without a hitch, this login was able to access both sections A and B. Ideally though this could be better managed, perhaps one large group then a tick box in the popup of each user about which groups they had permission to belong to.

    I'm not really to sure the best way to handle it so I am very open to ideas and help.

  • mobius
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    Re: Security users in more than one group? Link to this post

    When you type the first name an ajax list will populate with users - if you click on that it will fill out the rest of the fields.
    You don't need to enter a password if the member already exists.

    But I agree, there should be a 'Members' management section, which presents the reverse view..

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