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  • Viv
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    User Forms 0.2 Javascript Validation not working Link to this post

    Firstly, thanks to all those putting the hard work into the User Defined Forms section of the CMS - great work!

    One problem I am having is that the javascript validation does not seem to be working at all when the form is submitted. Server side validation seems to work though, although I haven't tested it thoroughly.

    The js error that appears on form submission (using Error Console in Firefox) is:

    Error: $(this).rules is not a function
    Source file: http://www.mysite.co.nz/jsparty/jquery/plugins/validate/jquery.validate.min.js?m=1245637447
    Line: 15

    I understand that the newer javascript is using more JQuery now using some of the files as below:

    <script .../jsparty/jquery/jquery.js?m=1245636882"></script>
    <script .../jsparty/jquery/plugins/validate/jquery.validate.min.js?m=1245637447"></script>
    <script .../jsparty/prototype.js?m=1245637625"></script>
    <script .../jsparty/behaviour.js?m=1245636772"></script>
    <script .../sapphire/javascript/ImageFormAction.js?m=1245638693"></script>

    This is compared with the javascript files used on my custom form (that is currently working without errors):

    <script .../jsparty/prototype.js?m=1245637625"></script>
    <script .../jsparty/behaviour.js?m=1245636772"></script>
    <script .../jsparty/prototype_improvements.js?m=1245637632"></script>
    <script .../sapphire/javascript/i18n.js?m=1245638693"></script>
    <script .../sapphire/javascript/lang/en_US.js?m=1245638695"></script>
    <script .../sapphire/javascript/Validator.js?m=1245638707"></script>
    <script .../sapphire/javascript/ImageFormAction.js?m=1245638693"></script>

    I am using: the stable 2.3.2 version of SS and the userforms-trunk-r80052.tar

    Wasn't sure if it just something I'm missing or is a real bug. Any help would be appreciated.

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