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  • Hubertus
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    Permissions per Subsite DataObject Link to this post


    thanks to Sam, I'm now able to associate DataObjects to Subsites and share these DataObjects between the various subsites. However, I'm stuck with permissions and would appreciate some help as to what code should go where and how CMS permissions (groups) should be set up:

    I have 'newsitems' as subsite-aware dataobjects (with dataobjectdecorator). Newsitems are related to many 'newscollections', with every subsite having it's own newscollection. The idea is that a newscollection can display newsitems belonging to its own subsite as well as selectively pull in newsitems from the global pool of news from all other subsites. However, subsite editors should be allowed to edit and delete only those newsitems that belong to their subsite, so that in a dataobjectmanager instance, they can still see all available newsitems from all subsites, but only get "edit" and "delete" buttons for their own ones. I've tried to implement canDelete() and canEdit, but up to now didn't get this to work and am confused where these should go exactly.... thanks!

  • nafetsch
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    Re: Permissions per Subsite DataObject Link to this post


    some problem here.

    you found a solution? long time ago?

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