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  • qlex
    Community Member
    68 Posts

    Re: Mollom pages suddenly hang... Link to this post

    i have deleted those two entries in MollomServer mysql.

    When i tried to open my page with userform, i got this error:

    [Notice] Undefined offset: 0
    GET /ztm/kontakt/

    Line 449 in /home/2eur/www/ztm/mollom/lib/Mollom.php

    440             // code 1100 (Serverlist outdated)
    441             case 1100:
    442                throw new Exception('[error '.$code .'] '. $message, $code);
    444             // code 1200 (Server too busy)
    445             case 1200:
    446                if(self::$serverList === null) self::getServerList();
    448                // do call again
    449                return self::doCall($method, $parameters, self::$serverList[$counter], $counter++);
    450             break;
    452             default:
    453                throw new Exception('[error '.$code .'] '. $message, $code);
    454          }
    455       }


    * Mollom::doCall(getServerList,Array,xmlrpc1.mollom.com,0)
    Line 599 of Mollom.php
    * Mollom::getServerList()
    * call_user_func_array(Array,Array)
    Line 89 of MollomServer.php
    * MollomServer::doCall(getServerList,)
    Line 39 of MollomServer.php
    * MollomServer::getServerList()
    Line 61 of MollomServer.php
    * MollomServer::initServerList()
    Line 35 of MollomField.php
    * MollomField->__construct(MollomField,Antyspam)
    Line 33 of EditableSpamProtectionField.php
    * EditableSpamProtectionField->createField()
    Line 21 of EditableSpamProtectionField.php
    * EditableSpamProtectionField->getFormField()
    Line 202 of UserDefinedForm.php
    * UserDefinedForm_Controller->Form()
    Line 168 of UserDefinedForm.php
    * UserDefinedForm_Controller->index(Object id #15)
    Line 162 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleAction(Object id #15)
    Line 129 of RequestHandler.php
    * RequestHandler->handleRequest(Object id #15)
    Line 122 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleRequest(Object id #15)
    Line 29 of ModelAsController.php
    * ModelAsController->handleRequest(Object id #15)
    Line 277 of Director.php
    * Director::handleRequest(Object id #15,Session)
    Line 121 of Director.php
    * Director::direct(/kontakt/)
    Line 118 of main.php

    Any ideas why is this happening ?

    I have also noticed, when I select Reports in CMS, Mollom does not appear anymore correctly - I get server error at the bottom, and circle animation next to Mollom report keeps spinning. This is happening with all versions of Mollom - currently trying out latest trunk from Mollom module page.


  • qlex
    Community Member
    68 Posts

    Re: Mollom pages suddenly hang... Link to this post

    Hi guys,
    did anybody stumble upon my problem described above (after deleting those two entries in MollomServer table) or knows a solution to this ?

    For my client, im currently using simplestspam module, but need to switch to some captcha implementation asap (Mollom Free seems to fulfil requirements)

    Help much appreciated!

  • martimiz
    Forum Moderator
    1086 Posts

    Re: Mollom pages suddenly hang... Link to this post

    Hi qlex,
    I would try and (re)install the newest mollom trunk, as the infinite loop problem seems to be fixed. have a look here: http://www.silverstripe.org/general-questions/show/266193?start=8#post266534

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