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  • brokemeister
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    Problems with ModelAdmin & HtmlEditorField (SS 2.3.2) Link to this post


    I just have the problems, that images are not stored, when I want to save my DataObject.

    Has any one simular problems?

    This is my Model

    class MagazinModelAdmin extends ModelAdmin {

    static $managed_models = array(

    static $url_segment = 'eosmagazin'; // will be linked as /admin/products
    static $menu_title = 'Magazin Content Manager';


    This is my getCMSFields:

    $fields = new FieldSet(
             new TabSet("Root",
                new TabSet("Content",
                   new Tab('Main',
                      new PopupDateTimeField("ShowOn", "Erscheinungsdatum"),
                      new PopupDateTimeField("HideOn", "Ausblendungdatum"),
                      new CheckboxField("Disabled", "Verstecken"),
                      new DropdownField("ClassName", 'Content Type', $this->getContentTypeClasses('ContentDataObject')),
                      new TextField("Title", "Titel"),
                      new TextField("Subtitle", "Untertitel"),
                      new CategorizationSetField("Categories", "Kategorien", $contentList),
                      new TextareaField("Teaser", 'Teaser'),
                      new ImageField("TeaserImage", "TeaserBild"),
                      new HtmlEditorField("Text", 'Text'),
                      new TextField("Author", "Autor vom Magazin-Artikel")

    By the way, the save buttons are on top of the Image-Sidebar in FF, IE and GChrome...



  • brokemeister
    Community Member
    30 Posts
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