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  • RonnieH
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    Poll not registering answers or showing results Link to this post

    Hi there, I'm having trouble using the Polls module.

    I feel like its fairly likely that I am overlooking something quite obvious, probably something I could've read somewhere. But after going through the documentation I could find, and trying several search queries on this forum looking for similar issues I haven't found a solution, so I hope you guys don't mind me drawing on your time and expertise:

    Simply put: The poll seems to function okay in the CMS, and it will display on my site, but it doesn't 'work' beyond this. That is to say, when I try to submit an answer it will not show me any results, it will just reload the same page with the name of the poll suffixed. Moreover, in the CMS I can see that it didn't register the poll submission/vote either.

    I am using Silverstripe 2.3.3, the latest daily build trunk of the polls module (r84028, had the same issue with the stable release though) and have genericdataadmin installed. (Just uploading the genericdataadmin folder is enough, is it not?) (Other than that I use the newsletter and the user defined form modules). I have it hosted on Dreamhost.

    This is the page I'm using to try to get the poll to work in: http://www.astruggleforpeace.nl/polltest

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Surely I must be overlooking something silly... Thank you in advance for your time and trouble!

    - Ronnie

    P.S. Another small quirk is that the poll answers seem to be displayed in reverse order.

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