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  • UncleCheese
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    Re: Image_Gallery Formating Date Value Link to this post

    Why do you have a PHP file in your templates directory?!


    Is that a typo?

    If you look at how you have your template set up, you're not in an album control when you're trying to call those field values. Try:

    <% control CurrentAlbum %>
    <h5>$AlbumTitle<span class="album-info"> by $PostPhotographer</span></h5>
    <p class="articleDate"><strong>Venue:</strong> $PostVenue</p>
    <% end_control %>

  • jdi
    Community Member
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    Re: Image_Gallery Formating Date Value Link to this post

    Ah sweet as.

    Yes it was a typo soz.

    That solves that problem, which is great.

    I just realized that this is your module UncleCheese, so thanks so much for your help.

    I've uploaded the new configuration to my live server (as it is working on my local) but I can't save and publish the page. I'll look up how to view the javascript parse errors to say what it is but until then all the help you've given me so far can't be implemented.

    My live and local implementations of Silverstipe are the latest, updated to get the Image Gallery module working correctly...

    EDIT: On refresh of the CMS the changes appeared to have worked.

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