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  • jananton
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    Publish button in cms gives blank page suddenly Link to this post

    Hello All,

    Somewhere deep in tutorial 2, notably at the point of adding news items to the front page, suddenly the publish button opens up a new blank browser window (IE7). The draft button works as expected giving the home page with added news content, but the publish button, that worked quite well before this seems to have gone to tea...;-)

    Checking the source of this blank page all there is are the standard html tags with empty head and body. However if I refresh that blank window the wanted page shows allright just as in the draft version.

    Anybody any idea where this is coming from ?

    [Running the CMS on XAMPP localhost Win XP Pro SP2]

  • jananton
    3 Posts

    Re: Publish button in cms gives blank page suddenly Link to this post

    Well, strange to answer myself, but I found a workaround, I think.

    After obviously flushing anything in sight I got no results. Still a blank published page.
    However, after a long hard look in common problems here on the devmode site I added the line: Director::set_environment_type("dev"); to the tutorial/_config.php, flushed the cms and suddenly the published page shows as expected, with a red block stating published site. To see if my luck would hold, I commented the above line out again and refreshed all again. And behold, the publish button keeps working.

    Allthough this is a quick fix, I'm wondering still why this happened in the first place...?

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