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  • UncleCheese
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    Multiple SS instances Link to this post

    I have a site that will have 5 sub-sites, each with its own subdomain. I'm going to be using a unique SS install on all 5 of those sites. There is some information, however, that is shared across the whole site. Will it be possible with SS to make my own database connection to a completely separate DB that is global to all 5 SS installs? It doesn't have to be anything special, I just need to be able to retrieve some information from a non-SS database.

  • Tim
    Core Development Team
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    Re: Multiple SS instances Link to this post

    Hi Uncle Cheese,

    It sounds like the subsite module is what your after, however this hasn't been officially released as yet, so isn't well tested or supported.


  • UncleCheese
    4085 Posts

    Re: Multiple SS instances Link to this post

    Wow! This looks great, Tim. Can you tell me a little more about it? How do I install it and what does it do?

  • Sam
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    Re: Multiple SS instances Link to this post

    Hi UncleCheese,

    The subsites module lets you manage multiple sites form. You can install it by downloading it from subversion using "svn checkout" into the top level folder of your SilverStripe installation, next to sapphire, jsparty and cms, and visiting db/build?flush=1.

    Open up the CMS and you will see a "subsites" section where you can administer sites.

    There's no documentation for me to point you to at this stage, unfortunately, so using it would be a bit of a Do-it-Yourself job.

    Internally, it works by adding a SubsiteID field to every page.

  • slugmandrew
    Community Member
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    Re: Multiple SS instances Link to this post

    Hi all, new member here just getting to grips with SS, but loving it so far.

    I was wondering if it would be possible for a parent site to inherit any data (blog posts, for example), from 2 subsites below, or vice-versa.

    Like this...

    Main site: AandB.com

    Subsites: A.com and B.com

    What I want to know is whether there is a way of posting news stories or blog posts to AandB.com and having it automatically come up on A.com or B.com depending on the category selected. Alternatively it could be posted to either subsite directly and appear on the parent site as well, I don't mind really.

    Also, can subsites have their own domain names or do they have to use subdomains of the parent site?

    Many thanks,

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