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  • DaveP
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    Installation ? Link to this post

    Hi everyone,

    I just need clarification about installing. I'm referring to the two lines below from the installation notes:

    * Unpack the installer somewhere into your web-root.
    * Rename the directory silverstripe-2.0 to something more appropriate. Alternately, move all of the files from silverstripe-2.0 into another directory.

    The second line implies that I place all the SS folders ( assets, sapphire etc... ) into their own folder. So do all the other files ( .htaccess, index.php, install.php ) that are in the SS structure go into root directory or the folder where the SS folders are ?

    Also just an observation, I notice that forum posts are listed in the main community under "Latest Posts", but then when I go into the forum's proper the post is not there. Maybe this is a "time" issue as I notice that the 'Latest Wiki' entries have times well into the future ( even NZ Time ! ).

    TIA, Dave Porter

  • Sigurd
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    Re: Installation ? Link to this post

    Its just saying that by default, the folder is silverstripe-v2.0 and you probably want to rename it.

    E.g. if you unzipped this to your webserver you'd probably be public at;


    which you probably don't want. You may want;




    and so its suggesting you move all the files (yes, everything), or rename the folder, as you wish.

  • DaveP
    Community Member
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    Re: Installation ? Link to this post

    OK, Thanks for that....

    So in my example I have www.mysite.com.au/ss as my folder

    So the install was run from the /ss folder

    So a page such as www.mysite.com.au/ss/about is so located.

    So how do I make the default page for mysite.com.au fire up the home page when it is in ss.

    Or should I have not bothered about the /ss and placed everything root and installed from there?

    cheers, Dave

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