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  • poseydozer
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    Bug in version 2.1.1? Link to this post


    Newbie question/problem:

    I have been using a Rails flash-style way of putting temporary messages in my templates. Here's the code for my FlashBucket class:

    class FlashBucket {
       * write a new variable ('message' by default) to FlashBucket with a value
       function writeFlash($var = 'message', $val) {
          $_SESSION[$var] = $val;
          return TRUE;
          * read and empty variable from FlashBucket ('message' by default)
       function readFlash($var = 'message') {   
          $result = $_SESSION[$var];
          return $result;

    The FlashBucket class methods are called from my page controllers. When I upgraded to v2.1.1 on my development machine, this no longer works. The flash persists. When I reverted to v2.0.2, it worked again.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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