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  • Nicolaas
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    Hi Gurus

    I noticed that when you create bookmarks within a page, the first time - for each page - you click on the bookmark, it reloads the page and then finds the bookmark. Subsequent clicks on other within-page hyperlinks work normal. The reason for this is that the automatically created menus in silverstripe link to pages with a forward slash at the end, while the bookmarks link to the pages without a forward slash.
    menu: mypage/
    bookmark on mypage: mypage#mybookmark

    so, when you click on a bookmark link the first time, i thinks it is a different page and goes to


    the subsequent links work then as normal bookmarks as you are now on mypage and no longer on mypage/

    Either the bookmarks OR the menus have to change. Is there a setting that I can use, did I miss something or should I put this forward as a feature request?



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