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  • wave
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    registrationform Link to this post

    Hi every one
    i am new to silverstripe.
    i like the concept of this.my problem is i am trying to creating my own registration form just like Form folder.

    i am writing a function in my page i.e
    function HtmlFields(){
           $html = "<p>Go to Registration Form";
           $html .= "<a href = \"/Sample/register\">Register</a>";
           return $html;
    then i am writing Sample.php
    class Sample extends Page_Controller {
       function __construct() {
          return parent::__construct(null);
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       // Register
       function register() {
          $array= array(
             "Form" => $this->RegistrationForm(),
          return $array;

       function RegistrationForm() {
          $fields = new FieldSet(
          new HeaderField("Personal Details"),
          new TextField("FirstName","FirstName"),
          new TextField('MiddleName','MiddleName'),
          new TextField('LastName','LastName'),
          new CountryDropdownField("Country", "Country"),
          new TextField("Occupation", "Occupation"),

          new HeaderField("User Details"),
    new EmailField("Email", "Email"),
    new PasswordField("Password", "Password") ,
          new PasswordField("ConfirmPassword", "Confirm Password"),
          new TextField("Enter what you see","security_try(Enter what you see below)")

          $actions = new FieldSet(
    new FormAction('doRegister', 'Register')
          $validator = new RequiredFields('Email', 'Password','ConfirmPassword');
          return new Form($this, 'RegistrationForm', $fields, $actions,$validator);

    in.ss i am writing $Form

    but i am getting error:ContentController::RelativeLink() No URLSegment given on a '$this->class' object. Perhaps you should overload it

    please any one help me where i am doing worng . and tell me i am in correct way or not.

    sorry about my english.

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