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  • superautomatic
    Community Member
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    Better search in this forum? Link to this post


    Wouldn't it be a good idea to improve the search in this forum a little? It seems that it's basically an OR search implemented now, which makes it real hard to find relevant posts.
    Example: a search for "customize wysiwyg" gets more hits than a search for "wisiwyg". Wouldn't an AND search as default be much better?

  • JimAasheim
    Community Member
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    Re: Better search in this forum? Link to this post

    Really appreciate SilverStripe! It's a great CMS you built!

    I'd like to add a request for the form search, too:
    1) advanced search where I can choose from OR, AND, AND NOT operators
    2) display only one result per thread (now all posts of a thread are displayed)
    3) give me a "observe" functionality for a thread - so I can return to it once I've found an answer I'd like to post for the other users.

  • Liam
    Community Member
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    Re: Better search in this forum? Link to this post

    A lot of this is coming. There was a discussion on the developers group recently about it in this thread


  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Better search in this forum? Link to this post

    Jim - all those 3 features are planned in some respect in the next version of the forum which is oh so close. #1 is already done in the latest dailybuild / trunk edition. #2 Is in progress and #3 is done aswell in dailybuild / trunk, well not exactly like that but you will be able to 'Subscribe' to posts without replying then on your profile you can view your subscriptions.

    Hopefully aim to have these in a stable release of the forum some time soon! But feel free to download the recent daily build and have a play!

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