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  • nonlinear
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    WYSIWYG editor won't insert [symbol|table|anchor] Link to this post

    My build is :

    SS 2.2.1
    XAMPP 1.6.2 (Apache 2.2.4, PHP 5.2.2, MySQL 5.0.41)

    The XAMPP is supporting a bunch of other PHP code, so Silverstripe lives under an httpd.conf Alias ... redirect. This seems to require a RewriteBase statement in SS's .htacess.

    Most of TinyMCE editor functions, but on attempting to insert either a symbol, table or anchor, we see an alert panel: "Undefined".

    Nothing appears in the Firefox Javascript error log, nothing appears in the Apache error or access logs.

    I thought it might involve some Ajax, and perhaps the RewriteBase hack might be interfering, but the lack of Apache log entries kills that theory.

    Any clues ?

  • nonlinear
    Community Member
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    Re: WYSIWYG editor won't insert [symbol|table|anchor] Link to this post

    Similar issues in both FF and IE 7.0. IE reports "Object doesn't support this property or method".

    Both are happy using the same release of TinyMCE at moxiecode.com.

    <sigh> I guess I'll have to start on the Javascript.

    <puts on welly boots and picks up pipe unblocking tool>

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