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  • turnon
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    Silverstripe en phpbb oscommerce Link to this post

    My knowledge of programming is zero (everything for me gets coded in India)

    is it possible that phpbb and SS work together trough an bridge or add on

    and the same for oscommerce edit/add productpages trough SS but stored in checkout etc trough OSC

    Is there some who can explain this to me

    Other question
    i like too add greyboxes/ lightboxes too pages see
    is that possible

    Thansk in advance for your reply

  • quicked
    Community Member
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    Re: Silverstripe en phpbb oscommerce Link to this post

    I would also be interested to hear comments about integrating existing code with SS. Is there a recommended way to convert say a shopping cart into SS? Can a third party forum, or say OSCommerce, coexist next to SS on the same site? Or do modules need to be built from the ground up?

  • turnon
    Community Member
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    Re: Silverstripe en phpbb oscommerce Link to this post

    SS is a wonderful CMS with a lot of potential. (in my opinion)

    OScommerce is a wonderful and stabil shopping cart software with a lot of modules.
    and i don not like the layout from OSC as well as most sites as well as the admin part
    and i use it because it's easy for me and coders too add / change something

    what i like is that the productpages are editable trough SS

    And i don not know what the best way is for doing that , thats the reason for my questions

    about the forum
    may be it's easier too add features at the forum in staed of building a bridge between between phpbb and SS

    i found openemm.org an open source software for email marketing. It's original developed by a mayor german email company. (they stiil do some coding)

    A smaller compnay (a daughter of them) use this software also and trough this company it's possible to send emal in a flat rate contribution.

    in my case i like to start small and after enough subscriptions i can easyly switch to that company (expressmailer.de)

    My problem is that i don not know anything about coding. I just know need this and must look like xxxx and must to this xxxx

    and then a i place a bid at rentacoder.com and things get coded

    but in this case i need more information so ll suggestins are welcome

    thanks in advance

  • pool54
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    Re: Silverstripe en phpbb oscommerce Link to this post


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