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  • Sigurd
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    Query about casting Link to this post

    Here's a question from Tony Rigden who emailed me over the Christmas break.

    In the manual under datamodel casting there is this statement
    "Properties defined in static $db are automatically casted to their

    However, I am finding in my data object that whenever I read a property,
    it is always returned as a string


    class MyObj extends DataObject{
    static $db = array('myflag' => 'Boolean');

    Works ok in forms etc but when I go to access it's values in code


    $myObj = MyObj::get_by_id("MyObj", 1);


    It always shows: string(1) "0" or string(1) "1" depending of the value
    in the database

    I would have thought the word "automatically" meant you do not need to
    use the static $casting array if you do not want to change the type. Is
    this correct or do I have to put in the $casting array as well,
    matching up the types in the $db array.

  • Andy
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    Re: Query about casting Link to this post

    The fields are automatically cast in SilverStripe templates, but not if you access their values directly. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe if you use $myobj->getField('myflag') it'll return what you want.

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