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  • Panman
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    User/Member Administration Link to this post

    Hi, can anyone help me with adding a new user/member/content editor? I can not for the life of me figure out how to add a new user and give them rights to edit certain sections of the Website. I've given them CMS rights and such but when I try to login I get an "not authorized" error.

    I'm also having issue with seeing the Widgets tab but that's another topic... This is a very promising CMS but there are some features still missing. Once I finish another project I'll be willing to help with the programing. Thanks!

  • jme
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    Re: User/Member Administration Link to this post

    I found that if you didn't give that user rights to access the security module and logged out whilst still in the security module, things would break.

    The fix is to move say into the cms module, then log out. Works for me now.


  • dio5
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    Re: User/Member Administration Link to this post

    The thing is, SS remembers where you were last. So if you add someone with cms-rights, you're in the security section, but you're new user can not enter there.

    So, when you then log out, and try to log in again as the new user (without Security permissions), SS tries to direct you to the Security section, but can't and says you aren't authorized.

    The solution is to manually type the correct url (just /admin/ ) or log in as admin and go to the cms.

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