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  • Danix
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    Text field bug Link to this post

    Hello, I have a problem adding a new


    to a page. I have the following code:



    class PortofoliuPage extends Page {

    static $db = array(


    static $has_one = array(

    'Photo' => 'Image',

    'Desc' => 'Text'



    function getCMSFields() {

    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();

    $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Images", new ImageField('Photo'));
    $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Images", new TextField('Desc'));
    return $fields;

    class PortofoliuPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

    I flush the database and the admin panel. In the admin panel I add a PortofoliuHolder page. In the PortofoliuHolder page I add a PortofoliuPage.

    I add the details for PortofoiuPage, including an Photo and a Desc. I press the Save and Publish button. Now the problem:

    When I refresh the page, the information I entered in the Desc field dissapears
    (The photo don't)

    I looked in the database in the PortofoliuPage table, and there are two columns there: an id for the photo and an id for the Desc (0 value).

    Note that I tried to drop the entire database and create it again.

    A bug in the CMS? Am I mistaking? Please help me!


  • dio5
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    Re: Text field bug Link to this post

    You're making a mistake.

    if you use a $has_one relationship, you should make another object at the other side too.
    If you want only one field, the 'desc', you have to add it to the $db array.


    static $db = array("Desc" => "Text" );

    The image is in a $has_one relationship because it resides in a different table, the file-table.

    But I think it would be better to make a $has_many relationship and create a separate $Project DataObject.

    I suggest you read through some more documentation:


    Hope this helped.

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