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  • JesusFreak
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    Tutorial - blank content for all default pages Link to this post

    I just did a fresh install of silverstripe and chose tutorial mode. When I attempt to go through the tutorial, I only see a blank page where the content should be. At doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=tutorial:1-building-a-basic-site, in the "Using the CMS" section, it shows a basic home page with a tab for "main" and a tab for "metadata", but I don't even get these. I see tabs for "content", "behaviour", "reports", and "access", but no sub tabs or form input areas underneath.

    Checking apache's error log suggests a possible reason for this behavior:

    "File does not exist {silverstripe_home}/themes/advanced, referer=http://localhost/silverstripe-v2.2.1/admin/show/1"


    Sure enough, the only folders in the themes directory are "blackcandy" and "blackcandy_blog". I unpacked the original tarball in a temp directory to make sure nothing was inadvertantly deleted and they aren't there, either.

    I'm going to dive into the themes area of this website to see if I can find one called "advanced", but I wanted to call your attention to this issue in case it is a problem with the tarball process or in case that theme is not available from the website.


    CentOS 5.1 (free RHEL distro)
    Apache 2.2.3
    PHP 5.1.6
    Silverstripe 2.2.1
    MySQL 5.0.22

    The install process did not complain of any problems (after a few setup tasks, including yum install php-gd, were completed) and ran successfully.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

  • JesusFreak
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    Re: Tutorial - blank content for all default pages Link to this post

    I may have answered my own question.


    cp -R {silverstripe_home}/jsparty/tiny_mce2/themes/advanced/ {silverstripe_home}/themes/

    did not seem to get the job done. So I tried something else: I had been attempting to view the tutorial using Firefox directly from the host webserver. When I use Firefox from a remote client, all is well. Even IE 7 from the remote client makes SilverStripe happy.

    So...any thoughts on the root cause of the problem? SilverStripe doesn't like Firefox 1.5.x? SilverStripe doesn't like to be maintained from its host server (this one seems very unlikely)? SilverStripe doesn't like Firefox on Linux? Perhaps it requires a plug in to be installed or activated? (Note: cookies, Java, and JavaScript are enabled.)

    This one seems very curious.

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