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  • nixa
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    Lazy loading Link to this post

    Fist i want to say this is a awsome product, and now i have some sugestions ( sorry if this is repost , but i didn't found anything regarding this topic )

    I'm building some big site dinamic site strucutre where i have somewhere about 14 tabs with around 15 inputs ( textfields) in it. So when i load that page from backend i have kind of shortpipe problems with latency and perfomance.

    My sugestion is to put lazy loading on roadmap, porhaps you can se zimbra use case http://www.zimbra.com/blog/archives/2007/03/lazy_loading.html where they found enhacment in about 50% of backend speed.

    I will probably solve this on some weird way ( to dinamicly create iframe or something ) but the thing is that this should be a feature

    my 2c.

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