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  • alpha7
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    Uninstalling Modules Question Link to this post

    Hello All,

    Extremely new to SilverStripe (3 days actually), but have been watching the progress for the past 1 1/2 years. I am very impressed with the project and concepts.

    Now for the noob question. I come from other CMS systems and so I am trying to adjust my mindset to SilverStripe. All my work at the moment is locally hoping to go live in a day or two. I realize that installing/uninstalling modules just isn't something that should be done on a regular basis within SilverStripe. But, I was wondering, what is the suggested, recommended procedure for uninstalling modules? Silly question, huh?

    On my development box, I installed the Forum module, required for the Google Map module which I wanted to evaluate. I realized that I do not have the need for a Forum and the Google Map functionality was not what I was looking for. Next step, lets remove the Forum and Google Maps modules. OK, duh, how?

    I backed up the DB, removed the Forum tables, deleted the Forum folders (moved actually) and then flushed the database. Everything appears to be normal. But I just wanted to know . . . . . What is the recommended, suggested way to removing modules?

    My concern is, there's a good chance that maybe something in the DB might get overlooked, say an addition for a new field in a core table?

    I have looked for anything about uninstalling/removing modules, coming up blank in the forums. Only uninstalling SilverStripe itself, not the direction I want to go. Even looked for documentation from module installation files, no mention about how to remove the module.

    I'm probably missing some basic understanding here, doh. But I would appreciate anything that someone can pass onto me.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Sigurd
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    Re: Uninstalling Modules Question Link to this post

    You should just remove the files and then run /db/build.
    Tables that are no longer needed are renamed, prefixed with _obsolete.
    You can then delete those tables in safety once you've confirmed your site works fine

  • alpha7
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    Re: Uninstalling Modules Question Link to this post

    Thanks Sigurd.

    Too easy, as usual I over complicate.

  • Sam
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    Re: Uninstalling Modules Question Link to this post

    Almost right: visit db/build?flush=1

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