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    Communicating within the CMS Link to this post

    Our site (itea-rr.org) serves a local chapter of a non-profit association. Our officers want visitors to be able to communicate with them individually. Initially, I assumed we would use email accounts, but there are complications. We each access the CMS from our home and work computers. Most of us use ISPs that don't permit email redirecting. We can't reply to messages unless we use our personal reply-to addresses. We don't want to expose those addresses to the public.

    It appears that there is no direct web mail access without logging into the web host account as admin. I think it unwise to give our officers, who tend to be non-IT people, access to our web host (SiteGround) administrative account.

    It occurs to me that I could give each officer a web page with comments enabled. Visitors with questions could post comments, to which (presumably) the officer could respond. The drawback is that this approach could result in a mess, if there are a lot of comments.

    Another alternative would be to set up a forum for non-registered visitors' questions and comments, while maintaining a separate forum for members only.

    Do any of you have other suggestions? The drive behind my question is the desire to give each chapter officer a way to be contacted by visitors, members and non-menbers, and a way to respond to each contact without having to use client-based email (due to ISPs' constraints) or webmail (due to web host limitations). Thanks.

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