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    2.2.1 Changes - Hyperlinks in IE and Reordering the tree Link to this post

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    Hi there,

    We have a client whose site was developed in using an older version of SS but was upgraded before launch.

    I wasn't the developer in charge of this one, so this is mainly my first exposure to the system as the other developer is away for a few weeks.

    Our client has raised two questions about things they have noticed change in the upgrade:

    1. In IE7, when adding content to a page - If you go to add a hyperlink by selecting the text and clicking the "chain" icon in the editor, you get the link toolbar popup on the right. As soon as you set the focus of any control in that sidebar, the text in the content box is deselected. This makes adding hyperlinks totally impossible and seems to be a bug. It works fine in FF, and I have installed a fresh copy of SS as a test, and the problem still exists in default setup.

    2. They claim that before, drag and drop reordering was possible on all items in the tree (I havn't seen the old version so can't confirm). But now, you can only activate reordering when creating a new page it seems. Am I missing something? It seems a bit silly to be only able to reorder existing pages by creating a new one, so I'm guessing I am missing something.

    Any help with the above two?


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