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  • Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post

    Hi there -

    I've long noticed the need for the silverstripe Site Content area to have some sort of dashboard to display relevant information and actions to users - so I started coded up a quick prototype today. (Image Below). My question is - what information do people think should be shown on the dashboard? Currently I've just got latest page edits, and latest visits.

    (currently it just looks like that - and fades out when you load another page. Thats about it)

    EDIT: heres a newer version

  • danieLs
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    Re: Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post


  • Sean
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    Re: Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post

    This is awesome!

    This looks like the perfect place to have the dashboard, seeing as it's the root node of the site tree.

    Some other possible suggestions:

    * Latest comments
    * Last CMS login attempts

    Apart from that, it's an awesome idea and I sincerely hope it finds its way into the core CMS/framework!


  • Re: Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post


    Ill have a look at doing these. The main problem is space - im aiming to have it fit fairly easily on a 1024 display, and still look uncluttered. One possible implementation is an accordion or tab implementation - ill have a look at these. Maybe i can reuse some code from the SideTabs thing.

    Also - does anyone know the best way to get the latest stable silverstripe version? Currently Im just parsing line 3 of the changelog pulled from svn - there must be a better way. The ideal way would be just a plain txt file with something like "2.2.2" in it.

  • Ingo
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    Re: Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post

    great idea, i think a dashboard-UI has a lot of potential!

    currently i think the design is a bit too "tabular", i would prefer an "activity" stream (see friendfeed.com/facebook.com) thats sorted by date, has a sane set of defaults, and can be customized by the user. as an advanced UI, we could have different dashboards defaults for different "user roles", e.g. "administrator role" or "content editor role". a blog author will be far more interested in the blog comments than a big intranet admin, who wants to know the failed login attempts during the last days.

    it would be great to build the API in a way that third-party modules can hook in (with a custom icon and activity message).

  • Re: Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post

    Some good ideas Ingo.

    Perhaps something like the attached photoshop mockup will work better. Basically: you can add custom half-width drag n drop widgets below to "Site Information" bit. (rss feeds, latest edits etc).

    The other thing is that when you click a todo list item, the relevant information is grabbed via ajax into the Site Content area, which is relabled. e.g. for the latest comments thing it will pull a table with links to the individual comments so you can approve them.

    The quick actions button will be used for things like "Create new Page", "Add Dashboard Widget", and "Reorganise/Delete Dashboard Widgets". Maybe logout as well (as its not very prominent at the moment!)

  • Re: Silverstripe CMS Dashboard Link to this post

    For some reason the server deleted my attachment (??), maybe a forum bug, or just a random glitch. Anyway, heres another attachment:

    edit: the forums really hate me today - i give up using attachments. Heres a remote version:

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