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  • elijahlofgren
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
    222 Posts

    Patch: Improves usability of upload form Link to this post

    This patch to cms\code\AssetAdmin.php makes the upload form a little easier to understand by adding "Files ready to upload:" before the list of queued files.

    It also changes the button text from upload to "Upload Files Listed Below:"

    Index: AssetAdmin.php
    --- AssetAdmin.php   (revision 2)
    +++ AssetAdmin.php   (working copy)
    @@ -108,9 +108,9 @@
             new HiddenField("action_doUpload", "", "1"),
             new FileField("Files[0]" , "Choose file "),
             new LiteralField('UploadButton',"
    -            <input type='submit' value='Upload' name='action_upload' id='Form_UploadForm_action_upload' class='action' />
    +            <input type='submit' value='Upload Files Listed Below' name='action_upload' id='Form_UploadForm_action_upload' class='action' />
    -         new LiteralField('MultifileCode',"
    +         new LiteralField('MultifileCode',"<p>Files ready to upload:</p>
                <div id='Form_UploadForm_FilesList'></div>
                   var multi_selector = new MultiSelector($('Form_UploadForm_FilesList'), null, $('Form_UploadForm_action_upload'));

    Hope this helps,


  • Andy
    230 Posts

    Re: Patch: Improves usability of upload form Link to this post

    Ok, applied. Thanks!

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