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  • DHN
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    Flat file calendar inclusion ???? Link to this post

    Hi People

    I really need some help on this one.. I have a flat file event calendar that i wish to include in the frontpage of a website.. but i haven't had any luck so far. i have attached the calendar if anyone would help, i would be really greatful since i really need this calendar implemented....

    Normally i would just use php include:

    //-- calendar use example --//
    $calendar = new WingedCalendar();


  • Re: Flat file calendar inclusion ???? Link to this post

    Hi there -

    to include the calendar, firstly adapt the show_calendar function so it returns its content instead of dumping it. Next add a method something like this to your Page_Controller class:

    function Calendar(){
    //path to your calendar file, relative to silverstripe root
    require_once(Director::baseFolder() . '/cal/calendar.php');
    $calendar = new WingedCalendar();
    //modify this to return content rather than printing
    return $calendar->show_calendar();

    And now you can display the calendar by putting $Calendar in your templates! Another note - make sure to put a _manifest_exclude file in the directory where your calendar files are stored as sapphire will include the contents of index.php - and we dont want that!

  • DHN
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    Re: Flat file calendar inclusion ???? Link to this post

    thanks I'll try it out imediatly ;)

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