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  • Dig
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    Memory Limit Link to this post

    I realise there are a number of posts on the memory limit, and the recommended limit still seems to be 32MB... BUT I've found a number of memory issues with the limit set so low.

    My host has a 128MB limit on PHP scripts and v2.2.2rc2 works well on it, but on my local development server when I had memory set to 32MB it was touch and go on page refreshes and DB build regarding memory errors.

    I no longer have problems but 128MB is a high limit for most users and probably has a detrimental effect on the number of silverstripe users. Are there any plans to optomize memory use?


  • Sam
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    Re: Memory Limit Link to this post

    The short answer is "yes", but these problems are notoriously difficult to address.

    Also, it's only some requests that have high memory requirements - usually ones that are recaching a piece of data - so the impact on a high traffic site isn't as large as you might think.

  • ScottiouS
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    Re: Memory Limit Link to this post

    I'd just like to bump this issue up a notch. I had to move a site from SS this past weekend because of the memory issue specifically. A site which had over 1000 blog articles it took a disturbing amount of time and memory to load the /admin/ area each time (Peaked at 220MB RAM usage but once loaded runs fine).

    I can only assume that there must be nested queries to load the site nav on the left as even if I do a "SELECT * FROM SiteTree_Live" on this site it takes nowhere near the time that loading the admin does.

    I think you guys do a great job, I just hope this issue gets addressed as I feel it's the one crippling thing stopping SS from being taken up for seriously larger sites, and for people with limited resources.

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