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  • Shane Garelja
    Community Member
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    behaviour.js conflicts with mootools.js Link to this post

    behaviour.js seems to be used in front-end pages if you add $SilverStripeNavigator to your template. The problem is I'm trying to use mootools and they are conflicting...

    I guess it just means I can't have the SS Navigator menu on the front-end right? Or, I don't use mootools

  • Double-A-Ron
    Community Member
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    Re: behaviour.js conflicts with mootools.js Link to this post

    Yes, I've noticed the same. I've had to stop behaviour loading on any pages I'm using Mootools.

    I think the error is:
    Behavior is not defined.

    Must be a conflict or some sort, but I havn't delved deeper. It's best to avoid Mootools unless Prototype can't help you, as prototype is packaged with Silverstripe, and is totally incompatible with Mootools. (last I heard)


  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: behaviour.js conflicts with mootools.js Link to this post

    Prototype is used throughout the front end of the site - page comments, login, basically anywhere theres a form!.

    One of the things coming up is SS is moving to a jQuery JS library and away from prototype. I know quite a few of us in recent projects have spent some time stripping Behaviour and prototype out of the various front end components to provide us with a clean slate. Some of this work will be part of trunk soonish I guess unless its already in there!

    If you are trying to use mootools you will have to dig round and round digging out the old Behavior JS as it will pop up like a weed!

  • Ingo
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: behaviour.js conflicts with mootools.js Link to this post

    both mootools and prototype share the same bad practice of cluttering the global namespace in javascript (with the $ function). one of many reasons why we're moving to jquery

    if you're sure you don't need behaviour.js (e.g. you don't want any clientside form validation), you can disable it by calling Requirements::block('jsparty/behaviour.js')

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