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  • Liam
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    2 Questions: Tiny MCE bug & User Defined Form Link to this post

    Using 2.2.2 rc2

    1. Did a quick search and couldn't find it posted, but when using tiny MCE, if you have a paragraph of text and highlight some word(s) and change the format of it in the the drop down, so for example it is a paragraph and you change it to "address" or a header, the whole paragraph of text changes, and not just the selected text. This makes making certain edits impossible.

    Also another bug I see is that the drop down list for formatting controls is set to 'paragraph'. If you copy and paste in text that doesn't get wrapped in a paragraph tag, it's impossible to go back and highlight the text and choose 'paragraph' since it is the first in the list. This happens a lot when pasting from word.

    2. I have a simple contact form using the user defined form page type. Is it possible to change the subject and the from email? The from email is the address the form gets sent to. I have an email field in the form the user fills out, and I'd like that to be the from address so I can just hit reply in my email client to write the user back.

    The form is simple, so I don't want really want to write my own as everything works fine. I'm assuming there isn't a way unless I start from scratch, but thought I'd ask.

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